News Post on 03 October 2018

Wildgen committed to the Zero Single-Use Plastic!

_Already committed to the protection of the environment through a number of actions Wildgen is proud to announce it has signed the Zero Single-Use Plastic manifesto put forward by IMS in September 2018.

The fight against single-use plastics is a true race against the clock. Plastic was invented less than a century ago, yet we have already produced more than 8 billion tons of this material. Though it is designed to last and is particularly durable, plastic is intended for very limited uses, often even a single-use. As such, it has become the sad symbol of the ultra-disposable. The impact of single-use plastics is incredible; largely non-biodegradable, these plastics are spreading in the wild, causing massive damage to the environment. Beyond the oceans and rivers, plastic is now found in the products we consume and the air we breathe.

In light of major public health problems, serious damage to biodiversity, and significant contributions to global warming, we are facing an unprecedented crisis in the future of our planet.

The objective of this manifesto is clear: eliminate single-use plastic within the signatory companies by the end of the year 2020. Wildgen and over 20 companies have signed the manifesto and will do their best to reach this goal. It's time to take action; join the movement!

About the IMS

IMS - Inspiring More Sustainability -  is the leading network of Luxembourg companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility. IMS explores new solutions and concretely tests sustainable alternatives, through working groups and pilot projects with positive impacts. Through these projects, IMS facilitates innovative initiatives by mobilising all stakeholders (private, public and associative). The network represents 15% of the Luxembourg payroll and is the national representative of the European organisation CSR Europe.

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