News Post on 17 September 2020

REPLAY - Fund Finance Webinar Series: State of the Market: Outlook of the Fourth Quarter

_On 15 September was held the third session of our "Fund Finance" webinar series hosted by Michael Mbayi, Director at Wildgen: "State of the Market: Outlook of the Fourth Quarter - Watch the Replay".

Michael Mbayi, joined by panellists experts in the industry in the US, Europe and Asia, discussed the state of the fund finance market and had an outlook to the last quarter, the envisaged activity and new trends. Therefore, the US, Europe and Asia markets were covered.

Panel members:

  • Matthias Jahnke, Managing Director, WELLS FARGO
  • Billal Malik, Director, CITI PRIVATE BANK
  • Albert Tan, Partner, HAYNES BOONE
  • Emma Wang, Managing Director, EAST WEST BANK

New sessions of the "Fund Finance" webinar series will be organised soon. 

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