News Post on 19 December 2018

Mind & Market 2018: Congrats to the winners!

_Emmanuelle Ragot, Data, IP/TMT Partner and Head of Wildgen 4 innovation, was proud to be a jury member of the Mind and Market Forum in Luxembourg. She was also honored to reward two start-ups with a prize.

Congratulations to all start-ups companies that pitched at the Mind and Market Forum Luxembourg on 13 December 2018 and especially to Food4All (accredited with the jury award by Wildgen and the audience prize) and Label R. (accredited with the jury award by Wildgen and LBAN). Also congrats to ZREALITY GmbH that won the first Mind & Market prize.


About Food4All

F4A, standing for Food4All, is a Software company helping supermarkets reduce their food waste by match-making a demand to a need. It promotes best-before date products via its Apps and inspire its customers with daily recipes made from the promotions. Food4All is a win-win situation for all stakeholders on a national and worldwide level. It engages its customers in its mission by transforming their way of doing their groceries into a positive action for the future of our planet.

About Label R.

Label R. creates the world first ESG and ethical certification for companies & alternative investment funds. The objective: enhance their reputation capital and hereby facilitate business & investments opportunities.


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