News Post on 07 July 2016

Mind and Market 2016: Congrats!

Congratulations to all start-up companies that pitched at the Mind and Market Forum Luxembourg on 30 June 2016 and especially to Seerus accredited with the jury award by Wildgen and to LuxAI that won the Mind & Market 2016 Special Award!  Were also awarded: Tap Tap, Lux United, Yollty, Home Farmers, Cabin3D, DreamZ, Aquachiara, Bhaluu.


(photo - Nelson Coelho: Wildgen 4 Innovation team, headed by Emmanuelle Ragot, and Valentin Quisquater from Seerus).

Lux United, Patrice Caire and Emmanuelle Ragot
(photo - Alexander Eyjolfsson: Emmanuelle Ragot, and Patrice Caire, Lux United).

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