News Post on 12 March 2014

Luxembourg has won its first oscar

Following the ceremony of the Oscars which took place on 2 March in Los Angeles, all our congratulations go to Zeilt Productions which received the Best Animated Short Film Oscar from the Academy Award for Mr. Hublot.

Emmanuelle Ragot, Head of IP/TMT comments: "I had this unique experience to be involved at the very beginning of this incredible adventure as I was instructed to negotiate the coproduction agreement with a major European TV Channel and I am so pleased for the  whole Zeilt Productions team."

This award rewards three years of hard work regarding the artistic details of this short animated movie and proved that details may also be in legal.

“Mr. Hublot is a short animated movie co-produced by two audiovisual production companies: Zeilt Productions (Luxembourg) and Watt Frame (France). It relates the story of Mr. Hublot, who lives in an absurd world, where characters come together, patched-up, stitched-up, with mechanical parts, driving enormous vehicles, a world where the giant scale of machines and the determination towards recycling reign supreme. It is a post-industrial environment where nature has totally disappeared and so have most of "human" feelings” (Source: Zeilt Productions).

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