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Interview The Khube | How Innovation Happens at Wildgen

_ Emmanuelle Ragot, Avocat à la Cour in Luxembourg, and Partner at Wildgen, heads Wildgen’s Intellectual Property and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (IP/TMT) practice group as well as the Wildgen 4 Innovation hub. We asked Emmanuelle how innovation happens at Wildgen.


Why did you decide to launch Wildgen 4 innovation?

As a full-service law firm established more than 90 years ago in Luxembourg, Wildgen has always considered innovation to be a key part of our longstanding success. The number of services provided to startup businesses has increased significantly in the past five years and, with the emergence of Luxembourg as a European start-up hub, it has become logical to the firm to launch a dedicated offering to support Luxembourg’s initiatives and economic diversification.

How is this initiative different from the common legal practices you offer to your clients?

New and young entrepreneurs, regardless of the industry sector they are active in, need to receive appropriate and specific guidance through the complex – and at times confusing – areas of business law in order to protect their legal interests. We challenge their projects on the innovative side and find tailor-made solutions adapted to their needs in terms of responsiveness and budget constraints. By the way, pro-bono work is also part of the W4i offer.

Wildgen 4 innovation was launched almost two years ago, like the Khube. How have you progressed since then?

Thanks to the confidence and strong motivation of the firm and especially of our team, we have performed real and substantive work for entrepreneurs and ensured effective responsiveness. Since March 2014, we have supported and guided a number of innovative and exciting start-ups. As examples, we can mention the first EUR 640,000 in fundraising secured by SESAMm, successful BioTech and GreenTech projects, the monitoring of imaginative projects for Zeilt Productions, iNUI Studio and its “digital signage”, and finally a 100% success rate in our litigation in the area of intellectual property for more than 5 years. We have also forged partnerships with major public and private players of the start-up ecosystem.

What are the major legal “pain points” faced by the start-ups you work with?

The most-frequently-asked questions concern corporate management, IP strategy, fundraising and exit. We also regularly address regulatory challenges and changes such as due diligence, data breaches, risk management, KYC and AML procedures. Each start-up business has specific demands related to its own shareholders, technology sector and market segment, which means every entrepreneur needs precise answers depending on what the start-up handles.

Why did you decide to join the Khube?

Through W4i, we aim to contribute to the Luxembourg Startup Nation. We invest in the success of each start-up we advise and our ambition is to strengthen interactions and relationships they can have with the major players in Luxembourg. With this in mind, and given the common history we have with KPMG, the goals and the values we share and the complementary services we offer, not joining was actually not an option.


_ This interview was published in "IN… THE KHUBE" (KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship) April newsletter.


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