News Post on 13 January 2021

Dr. Eric Perru, Partner, Has Been Elected Vice-President and Board Member of LAFA

_We are proud to announce that Dr. Eric Perru, Partner and Head of Wildgen 4 Art, has been elected Board Member and Vice-President of the Luxembourg Art Law and Art & Finance Association (LAFA).

Passionate since the year dot about Art, Eric Perru leads the Wildgen 4 Art initiative, which concentrates on the areas of crossover between the art and legal worlds. Eric negotiates, litigates and advises clients on the full range of legal issues that arise concerning works of Art and the Art market. He represents artists, individual and institutional collectors, galleries, dealers, experts, auction houses and museums. 

It is therefore with great pleasure and enthusiasm that Eric brings his rich experience of the Art market and Art law to LAFA.

By bringing together the key players in Art, Art Law and Art Finance, and providing LAFA’s members with varied events and great networking opportunities, the association aims to contribute to the development and promotion of the ARTLAW and ARTFIN industry in Luxembourg and internationally.

As a brief reminder, LAFA’s main objectives are: 

  • to propose and support legislative improvements in its field of activity
  • to position and promote Luxembourg as the leading art law and finance center in Europe
  • to assist in developing best practices within the art industry based on high professional standards
  • to enhance the industry’s transparency and promote a compliant way of doing business under appropriate governance rules
  • to develop specific research programmes within the art industry and to attract international companies to Luxembourg in particular those within the ArtFin and ArtTech space.

Wildgen is one of the founding members of the association.

Further information on LAFA can be found on its website:


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