News Post on 23 December 2019

Cheers to the New Year

_Thanks to your support, in 2019 we made a difference.

As a law firm, advising and protecting our clients is our main concerns. Fundamental rights also need to be better protected.
Human rights, gender parity, education and the environment are also some of our key concerns. Being a client-centred law firm includes understanding the importance of shared values and addressing current social challenges.

By engaging us, you contribute to our sustainable initiatives.

Thank you for supporting our projects and for sharing our values and commitment. So, on behalf of the children you have helped through Wildgen 4 Children, the women you have encouraged through Wildgen 4 Women and the bees you have saved through Wildgen 4 Environment, we say thank you! We are also grateful for the recent CSR certification we have been awarded. 

We wish you a fantastic coming year and decade. 

May your projects be successful and the new year filled with happiness and great experiences.

From all of us at Wildgen. 

​​Cheers to the New Year

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