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Luxembourg introduced the mechanism of securitisation by a law dated 22 March 2004 (the “Law of 2004”). One of the governing principles of the Law of 2004 is the “freedom of contract” principle, allowing the parties to define their respective rights and obligations.

Furthermore, the Law of 2004 lays down the legal framework securing the investors and the creditors of the securitisation undertaking, insofar as a securitization undertaking can be constituted of several compartments each corresponding to a distinct part of its assets and liabilities. A securitisation transaction in Luxembourg benefits from highly favourable tax provisions and is, in most cases, even neutral from a tax perspective.
Our team is particularly experienced in national and international securitisations and works closely with financial institutions and niche investment and finance firms to develop non-traditional products and structure securitisations in non-traditional markets. Our lawyers are active in a wide range of aspects of the implementation of securitisation transactions, from structuring, financing and acquisition to management throughoutthe investment period, restructuring and liquidation.

Our experience includes all types of assets and asset-backed securities:

  • Aircraft Leases,
  • Commercial Mortgage Loans,
  • Consumer Installment Loans,
  • Distressed Debt,
  • Equipment Leases,
  • Franchise Loans,
  • Insurance Receivables,
  • Residential Mortgage Loans,
  • Synthetic Securitisations,
  • Trade Receivables.


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