Corporate Law

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Setting up a business or a joint venture, merging or restructuring, choosing the right form to give shape to a business project, they are all crucial steps in preparing towards success. Thanks to expert consultancy and experienced advisers, we are able to help our clients to make the right decision.

More and more clients trust our comprehensive expertise in company creation, management and development. We take care of the most complex financial procedures and transactions and assist with:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions,
  • Private Equity,
  • Recapitalisation,
  • Restructuring,
  • Joint ventures,
  • Negotiation, documentation and structuring of company partnerships,
  • Shareholder agreements,
  • Equity incentive programmes,
  • Corporate structures,
  • Corporate finance.


article 11 October 2018

Mobilité transfrontalière des entreprises : une procédure harmonisée accompagnée de nombreuses contraintes pour les entreprises

_Catherine Cathiard, Director spécialiste des questions de mobilité transfrontalière des entreprises, a publié un article sur le sujet dans l'édition d'octobre de la Revue Droit des Sociétés éditée pa...

article 08 March 2018

The European Company (SE) in Luxembourg: an Interesting Tool for International Growth or European Hub - an Opportunity under Brexit

_The triggering of Article 50 in March 2017 has set into motion the formal process for the United Kingdom (UK) to leave the European Union (EU). Unless otherwise agreed upon during the ensuing negotia...

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