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Innovation can turn interesting ideas into viable and then successful companies and this is often seen as the catalyst that initiates the incorporation of new companies. However, companies may also fail if they stop innovating. Luxembourg is rapidly  emerging as a technological European Start-up hub. Attracting and nurturing start-up businesses from around the world, entrepreneurs may have many questions about Luxembourg local laws, business regulations and compliance.

For a company and for our clients, avoiding innovation faces an ongoing risk of becoming irrelevant. Therefore we help them to protect and secure their innovation and ownership via specific advisory assistance and via efficient litigation in relation to the defence of  their IP rights and  commercial relationships. 

Our dedicated legal hub, Wildgen 4 Innovation assists emerging businesses on:

  • Ideas protection,
  • Company implementation,
  • Seed investment,
  • Intellectual property,
  • Ownership of work produced,
  • Director’s duties,
  • Regulatory,
  • Labour law,
  • Tax considerations,
  • Litigation anticipation, and
  • Circular economy.


  • Zeilt Productions which received the Best Animated Short Film Oscar from the Academy Award for Mr. Hublot. Emmanuelle Ragot, Head of IP/TMT comments: "I had this unique experience to be involved at the very beginning of this incredible adventure as I was instructed to negotiate the coproduction agreement with a major European TV Channel and I am so pleased for the  whole Zeilt Productions team."

  • SESAMm is an innovative FinTech software startup, advised by Wildgen on its EUR 640,000. fund raising.
    "Wildgen has been a great legal and strategical advisor throughout the last year and has understood well the complex problematics of our project."

  • Healthcast's forecasting algorithms track cold and flu virus activity levels in your region.
    "Healthcast chose Wildgen 4 Innovation as their legal partner because of the strength and breadth of Emmanuelle Ragot's team. The decision was easy. After meeting lawyers from five other firms, Wildgen's quality stood out clearly from the rest. Ms. Ragot continues to surprise and impress the Healthcast team by her proactive support. Such support is critical for budding entrepreneurs, who often lack experience in legal matters."

  • Braingineering Technologies
    During the first Mind&Market forum in Luxembourg, Wildgen awarded the Jury Prize to "Braingineering Technologies" which try to establish a new method to generate three-dimensional organoids that resemble the human brain at the Developmental and Cellular Biology group at the Luxembourg Centre for System Biology (LCSB).

  • Inui Studio has mandated Wildgen 4 Innovation to counteract the market introduction by BMW of a contactless control monitor named AirTouch that strongly resembles the AIRxTOUCH. The same process has been undertaken against another electronics giant: LG.


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