Start-up Businesses

Dedicated Offerings

Innovation can turn interesting ideas into viable and then successful companies and this is often seen as the catalyst that initiates the incorporation of new companies. However, companies may also fail if they stop innovating. Luxembourg is rapidly  emerging as a technological European Start-up hub. Attracting and nurturing start-up businesses from around the world, entrepreneurs may have many questions about Luxembourg local laws, business regulations and compliance.

For a company and for our clients, avoiding innovation faces an ongoing risk of becoming irrelevant. Therefore we help them to protect and secure their innovation and ownership via specific advisory assistance and via efficient litigation in relation to the defence of  their IP rights and  commercial relationships. 

Our dedicated legal hub, Wildgen 4 Innovation assists emerging businesses on:

  • Ideas protection,
  • Company implementation,
  • Seed investment,
  • Intellectual property,
  • Ownership of work produced,
  • Director’s duties,
  • Regulatory,
  • Labour law,
  • Tax considerations,
  • Litigation anticipation, and
  • Circular economy.