Dedicated Offerings

_Some people have talent. Ours is to protect you. Our Wildgen 4 Art team brings together high-calibre lawyers who share the same passion for Art. They ensure clients take the right approach in every transaction by using tax-efficient vehicles, but also assist in commercial contracts and agreements, insurance issues, and pre-litigation and litigation matters.

Our Wildgen 4 Art experts work together with our tax and intellectual property (IP) lawyers specialised in asset taxation at national and international levels, trademarks, IP and new technologies, and in this way working as a one-stop shop to deliver a first-class service.


We are one of the few Luxembourg law firms to include a dedicated team of lawyers who specialise in art law and who know the legal, fiscal and financial specifics of a globalised art market. ​​​

Contracts and civil law
  • Commissioning, assignment, and publishing agreements, artistic co-production contracts
  • General sales terms and conditions / AML regulation
  • Auction guarantees
  • Private and public auction disputes: nullity of sale, liability of auctioneers
  • “3D” : Divorce, Debts, Death
  • Insurance issues: theft, damage, transportation
  • Mediation and arbitration
Financing and taxes
  • Financing of acquisitions (including investment funds)
  • Art-secured lending
  • Tax structuring vehicles
  • Tax issues
  • Free zone / freeport regimes
  • Patronage, sponsorship, foundations and donations
  • Administrative procedures: exportation, importation, and rules governing protected cultural assets
Art law
  • Restitution of works of art
  • Fake and forgery
  • Professionals’ responsibility
  • Artists' rights: copyright, rightholders, social security
  • Art and new technologies
  • Exhibition: art fairs, galleries, museums
Cultural heritage
  • Estate planning
  • Illicit trafficking of cultural goods
  • Archeological law
  • Immovable and movable heritage protection



We advise and represent art galleries, antique dealers, experts, auction companies, artists, collectors, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs), family offices, insurers, banks, museums, and investors.

Recent transactions include:

  • For an individual: Assistance in actions for restitution of masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance
  • For a gallery: Assistance in a dispute regarding the damage caused to an exhibited work of art
  • For a company: Assistance in a dispute relating to the sale of Chinese imperial seals
  • For a gallery: Assistance in the purchase of Soulages paintings
  • For an individual: Assistance in the sale of Claude Monet paintings
  • For an individual: Assistance in the creation of a Luxembourg investment fund for classic cars
  • For Middle-Eastern investors: Setting-up of a RAIF investing in Middle Eastern contemporary art
  • For a US company: Assistance in the structuring of art financing activities from Luxembourg
  • For an artist: Assistance on the organisation of a bronze sculpture exhibition in the city of Luxembourg


     knowledge In-depth knowledge in art law
  committed lawyers Determined and committed expert lawyers
  relevant experience Relevant experience in auctions, museums and cultural institutions
  costs Flexible and transparent fee arrangements
  expertise Great technical know-how in European, Luxembourg and International law
  match-making of clients Match-making of clients for business opportunities



LAFA Institut art et droit Fondation pour le droit de l'art


  • Various investment vehicles with favourable tax treatment
  • Flexible and trusted regulatory environment
  • Strict Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing policy (AML/CTF)
  • Ideal European hub with logistics for handling, storing and trading art and other valuables (for example Luxembourg High Security Hub)


Episode 5 : Van Meegeren, un faussaire hors pair de Vermeer
article 21 June 2021

[Les grands procès de l'art] Un été autour du faux dans l'art - Episode 5 : Van Meegeren, un faussaire hors pair de Vermeer

_Les affaires de faux en art connaissent un plus ou moins grand retentissement médiatique, et c’est par l’une des plus célèbres d’entre elles que la Saga 2021 s’ouvre. Au-delà de la simple histoire de...

Episode 4 : Le cratère d’Euphronios et la statue de la déesse de Morgantina
article 16 November 2020

[Les grands procès de l'art] Une série aux confins de l’art et du droit - Episode 4 : Le cratère d’Euphronios et la statue de la déesse de Morgantina

_Cet été, Wildgen 4 art vous a proposé de découvrir ou de redécouvrir quelques-uns des grands procès qui ont eu lieu dans le domaine de l’art. L’automne étant venu, il est temps pour nous de remercier...

Sésostris III, une statue à la datation litigieuse
article 12 August 2020

[Les grands procès de l'art] Un été aux confins de l’art et du droit - Episode 2 : Sésostris III, une statue à la datation litigieuse

_Notre saga de l’été sur les grands procès en matière d’art se poursuit en effectuant un voyage dans le temps pour s’intéresser à un illustre personnage de l’Égypte antique, le pharaon Sésostris III, ...

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