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_Co-head of Wildgen's Dispute Resolution & Litigation Practice Group, Dr. Eric Perru has been a member of the Luxembourg Bar since 2009. He deals with complex affairs in civil and commercial matters and has a vast expertise in contract law, enforcement procedures and debt collection.

In addition, Eric has extensive experience in civil, banking and business litigation. His in-depth procedural knowledge and interest in the evolution of justice in the digital age ensures he is the right person to provide his clients with a strong and effective defence. Since May 2021, Eric is a member of the Civil Procedure Commission of the Luxembourg Bar.

Eric is a passionate art enthusiast, and leads the Wildgen 4 Art initiative, which concentrates on the areas of crossover between the art and legal worlds. He negotiates, litigates and advises clients on the full spectrum of legal issues that can arise when dealing with the art world.  His forte is representing artists and collectors - private and institutional - and of course the galleries, dealers and experts, auction houses and museums. 

Elected Board Member and Vice-President of the Luxembourg Art Law and Art & Finance Association (LAFA) in 2020, he is also an active member of the Art Law Foundation (Switzerland), Institut Art & Droit (France), and Société des Amis du Louvre (France).

Eric frequently contributes to the media, focusing mostly on the evolution of justice, debt collection, enforcement procedures and art law.

Academic background:

Doctor in Law, specialised in private and criminal law (University of Nancy II, France), Eric was awarded for his thesis on the Nonpayment (Prix de thèse de droit privé de la Faculté de droit de Nancy) in 2005, and was finalist of the Jean Bastin Prize, with congratulations of the jury in 2006.
His thesis is available online:

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