Eric Perru

Director - Ph.D.- Avocat à la Cour

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After the publication of his awarded thesis on the generalisation of unpaid debts (“L’impayé”, L.G.D.J., coll. Bibliothèque de droit privé, sous la dir. de J. Ghestin, tome 438, 680 p., 2005), Eric has joined Wildgen Dispute Resolution and Litigation practice group in 2007 where he is involved in all kinds of civil, commercial and criminal litigation.

Qualified as a Luxembourg lawyer since 2009, Eric specialises in contract law, debt collection and credit law. He has a strong background in banking dispute and enforcement proceedings. 

Before joining our law firm, Eric was jurist in a French law firm active in corporate law. He also worked for a credit institution real estate.

Eric is a regular author on debt recovery and was interviewed by a Luxembourg media about this topic (

Doctor in Law, specialised in private and criminal law (Université de Nancy II, France), Ericwas awarded for his thesis on the unpaid (Prix de thèse de droit privé de la Faculté de droit de Nancy) in 2005, and was finalist of the Jean Bastin Prize, with congratulations of the jury in 2006. His thesis is available online:

Eric holds a Criminal Post-Graduate Diploma (Université de Nancy II, France).

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