Wildgen's Newsletter | September 2020

_In this September edition you will learn about the following hot topics:

  • Letter from Managing Partner, François Brouxel, "Back to a New Normal",
  • Luxembourg – A European Powerhouse for Cross-Border Corporate Transactions, 
  • A Law Creating a Register for Trusts and Fiduciary Contracts, 
  • Consumer Class Action Law: Draft Legislation Gathering Pace in Luxembourg, 
  • The Luxembourg Double Tax Treaties Network, 
  • Wildgen's Summer Series on Major Art Trials (article in French), 
  • Advice to the Buyer of an artwork in times of crisis (article in French)
  • Transfer of Personal Data Outside the UE/EEA (article in French);
  • Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Luxembourg, 
  • Air Transport Guide ... 
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Letter from Managing Partner, François Brouxel:
Back to a New Normal

_This is a time like no other in our lives. During the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. It has impacted our societies and created unprecedented challenges for families and businesses worldwide. Now, we need to define a “new normal” and set new standards for the way we work, interact and behave. In this context, I would like to share with you how we have responded to the pandemic so far and how we will move forward.

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15 September 2020

Luxembourg – A European Powerhouse for Cross-Border Corporate Transactions

_Luxembourg is well-known as a global hub for investment funds. Recent data collected by Wildgen Director Dr. Thomas Biermeyer together with his Maastricht University colleague Dr. Marcus Meyer stress...

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15 September 2020

A Law Creating a Register for Trusts and Fiduciary Contracts

_On 13 July 2020, the law transposing article 31 of the directive (EU) 2015/849 (the ’Fourth AML Directive’) and creating a register for trusts and fiduciary contracts (the ‘Law’) was published in the...


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16 September 2020

Consumer Class Action Law: Draft Legislation Gathering Pace in Luxembourg

This article also exists in French. _On 14 August 2020, the Luxembourg Minister for Consumer Protection presented Parliament with bill n°7650 concerning the introduction of consumer class action la...

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25 August 2020

The Luxembourg Double Tax Treaties Network

_List of double tax treaties in force and in negotiation as of 25 August 2020. Situated at the crossroad of Europe, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is based on a dynamic and open economy which active...

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12 August 2020

[Les grands procès de l'art] Un été aux confins de l’art et du droit - Episode 2 : Sésostris III, une statue à la datation litigieuse

_Notre saga de l’été sur les grands procès en matière d’art se poursuit en effectuant un voyage dans le temps pour s’intéresser à un illustre personnage de l’Égypte antique, le pharaon Sésostris III, ...

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22 July 2020

Conseils à l'acheteur d'une oeuvre d'art en temps de crise

_Dr. Eric Perru, Associé en charge de l'initiative Wildgen 4 Art (dédiée à la rencontre des milieux artistique et juridique), livre aux acheteurs d'œuvres d'art ses conseils afin de décrypter les offr...

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14 September 2020

Le transfert de données à caractère personnel en dehors de l’UE/EEE, notamment aux USA : de nouveaux points d’attention pour les entreprises relevés par la jurisprudence

_Les règles relatives aux transferts des données à caractère personnel («Données Personnelles») vers des pays hors de l’Union Européenne et de l’Espace Économique Européen («Pays Tiers») et plus parti...

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08 September 2020

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Luxembourg

_Are you wondering about the enforcement of foreign litigation judgments in Luxembourg? Read the Luxembourg Chapter of the "Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2021" guide contributed by Eric Perru and E...


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31 August 2020

Air Transport Guide

_Which bodies regulate aviation in Luxembourg? How is air transport regulated in terms of safety? What requirements must a foreign air carrier satisfy to operate in Luxembourg? All these questions (an...

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28 August 2020

Interview Paperjam | Wildgen file tout droit vers la RSE

_Dans le cadre de leur série d'articles "Green at Work", Paperjam a interviewé Stéphanie Leclercq, Chief Marketing / CSR Officer, sur la façon dont le cabinet Wildgen intègre la RSE à sa stratégie d'e...

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23 September 2020

WEBINAR - Covid-19 and Economic Substance in Luxembourg: Key Considerations

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22 September 2020

Mission économique digitale transfrontalière - EUREGIO week

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17 September 2020

REPLAY - Fund Finance Webinar Series: State of the Market: Outlook of the Fourth Quarter

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