Brochure Post on 01 January 2021

Investment Funds in Luxembourg

_Over the last few decades Luxembourg has developed all the necessary tools and legal instruments to become Europe’s largest fund centre by providing investors, fund initiators and managers a safe and secure place for their investments. 

Our investment funds practice group is a driving force in legal servicing to clients wishing to invest in Luxembourg investment vehicles. We offer a wealth of experience and a strong track record in advising on investment funds questions, becoming the alternative to the usual Luxembourg legal players. Our specialists are continuously involved in the evolution of the local investment fund market as well as relevant laws and regulations and can therefore best assist on investment matters.  

Download our handbook and learn more about the Luxembourg structures, Luxembourg legal environment and the services we offer in Luxembourg:

Luxembourg funds structures
  • Part II Funds
  • SIFs
  • SICARs
  • RAIFs
  • EuVECAs and EuSEFs
  • ELTIFs
  • Comparison between Luxembourg investment vehicles
Luxembourg and fund managers
Why establish in Luxembourg?
  • Establishing funds in, or migrating to, Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg’s key advantages

_Download the handbook

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