Brochure Post on 08 May 2019

Data Protection & Governance: Smart and Pragmatic Solutions by Wildgen

_The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became applicable as from 25 May 2018. New data protection rules apply in all EU Member States and impact companies including emerging businesses. You have to take accountability for the data you collect, store and share and comply with new formalities such as in-house training, the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO), implementation of the rights of concerned people and obligations for data controllers and processors, in particular in their contractual relationship.

With significant fines (up to 4% company's global annual turnover) for non-compliance and the consequences associated with the mistreatment of client data, data protection is now a must-do process for you and your company in your day-to-day management. Moreover, the benefits of good data privacy processes extend well beyond avoiding penalties. It is an essential commitment to your customers and strengthen your reputation.

At Wildgen, we help every entrepreneur to understand the challenges of this new piece of legislation and to reduce the associated legal risks. 

Download our brochure to find out more about our services and solutions for data protection. This brochure exists in English and Chinese. 

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