Article Post on 01 September 2021

Wildgen Contributed the Luxembourg Chapter of the Lexology GTDT Air Transport 2022 Guide

_What requirements must a foreign air carrier satisfy to operate in Luxembourg? Is there a register of aircraft mortgages or charges? How are airfares regulated? Is there a system of economic regulation of airports? All the answers to these questions can be found in the Luxembourg Chapter of the "Air Transport 2022" guide, contributed by Partner Isabelle Charlier and published by Lexology GTDT.

This edition addresses the most important issues and gives 'first step' advice from local experts in key jurisdictions, covering: regulatory framework, safety regulations, market access, ownership and control, licensing, competition policy, requirements for foreign carriers, public service obligations, charter services, regulation of airfares, regulation of aircraft and airports, liability and accidents, competition law, financial support and state aid, consumer protection, insurance and security issues, and recent trends.

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Air Transport 2022 Guide

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