Article Post on 26 January 2016

Wildgen 4 Innovation supports Braingineering Technologies

During the  first Mind&Market forum in Luxembourg, Wildgen awarded the Jury Prize to "Braingineering Technologies" which try to establish a new method to generate three-dimensional organoids that resemble the human brain at the Developmental and Cellular Biology group at the Luxembourg Centre for System Biology (LCSB).

Few months later, Silvia Bolognin, Stephanie Smith-Eckhardt and Jens Schwamborn discuss about their project and experience in the latest issue of the Paperjam magazine. They recognise the continuous support by the Wildgen law firm and Emmanuelle Ragot after the event, and speak about the assistance provided by Wildgen 4 Innovation on contracts with clients and potential investors as well as on intellectual property protection and corporate assistance.

Legal services Wildgen 4 Innovation dedicate to start-up businesses such as Braingineering Technologies are provided to embed innovation into a corporate vision and culture and to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful companies.
Do not hesitate to contact Emmanuelle Ragot, IP/TMT Partner and Head of W4i for more information.

Mind&Market 2015 - Wildgen Jury Award

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