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Top 5 Most Read Articles in 2019

_2019 was a year rich in legal news. Between new bills, legislative changes and case law, it is not always easy to stay abreast of the latest amendments. This is why Wildgen scrupulously follows all the legal news for you, analyses it, "decodes" it and transposes it into articles, keeping only the essentials.

Through our newsletters, social networks and website, keeping you updated with the latest information that can impact your business is also part of our mission. At the start of this year, we present the top 5 most read articles on our website in 2019. Take this opportunity to go back over the subjects that most appealed to you, and, if you had not read them when they were first released, to discover them!

#1 - The Luxembourg Double Tax Treaties Network

Did you know that Luxembourg has concluded more than 70 double tax treaties, based on the OECD model tax treaty on income and capital, to mitigate the risks of double taxation for businesses? This article contains all the conventions signed between the different participating countries and is constantly updated as soon as new partnerships are created. This list once again demonstrates Luxembourg's proactivity and ability to offer attractive solutions for the good commercial development of the country.

#2 - Le Registre des Bénéficiaires Effectifs en 8 Questions

Since 1 March 2019, the data concerning the beneficial owners of all entities registered in the Trade and Companies Register, with the exception of traders who are individuals, must be centralised and kept in the Register of Beneficial Owners (“RBO”). This article, in French, explains in the form of 8 questions the main “must-know” points regarding the RBO.

#3 - MIFID II and the Luxembourg Market

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, the “MIFID II”, which came into effect in January 2018, aims to further protect investors by offering them a better understanding of the various financial instruments available for them. This European directive updates the one in existence since 2008 (MIFID). This article therefore describes the various modifications and novelties made with regard to the Luxembourg market

#4 - New CSSF Circular on the Authorisation and Organisation of UCITS Management Companies and AIFM 

In August 2018, the Luxembourg financial supervisory authority (CSSF) published a circular relating to the authorisation and organisation of investment fund managers under Luxembourg law. This article explains some key elements in this new circular, such as, for example, the maximum number of mandates authorised for the members of the board of directors, the measures to be taken against money laundering and terrorist financing, or even delegations authorised by the manager.

#5 The Law on the Register of Beneficial Owners Has Been Published!

Another article concerning the RBO ends this top 5 most read articles in 2019! This article explained in more detail the new law’s purpose as well as the risky penalties for delay or non-reporting. A summary table is also available.

Here is the end of our top 5 ... Now a new year comes with new legal topics! Many thanks to our loyal readers.

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