Article Post on 02 May 2019

Nearly One Year After Application of GDPR: What's the Status?

_The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been applied since 25 May 2018. Although the GDPR is a regulation by opposition to a directive, therefore directly binding and applicable, areas within the regulation require the EU member states to supplement the GDPR with local legislation. 

Luxembourg has already enacted GDPR law in August 2018, but five EU member states have not yet passed such legislation. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal and Slovenia still need to adapt their legal frameworks to the new EU-wide rules. 

Concomitantly, this year has stressed the importance of the GDPR in the light of recent large-scale data breaches. As data practitioners, we are witness to the positive outcome the GDPR has had in raising the awareness on data protection and rights/requirements available to organisations and citizens.

Nearly one year after this new regulation, Emmanuelle RagotHead of Data/IP/TMT, shares her thoughts on the status of GDPR.

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