Article Post on 09 April 2020

Labour Code: Series of New Measures Adopted by the Government

_Ministers met in Council on Wednesday 8 April and agreed on a series of new measures, among which the following derogating from articles of the Labour Code.

Grand-Ducal Regulation derogating from Article L.121-6 of the Labour Code

Sick leave taking place during the health crisis shall not be counted as part of the 26-week period of protection against dismissal in the event of incapacity for work provided for in paragraph 3 of article L. 121-6 of the Labour Code, suspending the period during the state of crisis so that it cannot expire during the crisis.

Grand-Ducal Regulation derogating from article L.551-2 of the Labour Code

Employees undergoing professional redeployment who carry out activities that are essential for the maintenance of the vital interests of the population and the country may benefit from exceptional bonuses or gratuities for the duration of the state of crisis.

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