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Government Social Measures in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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_Questions that arise for companies in terms of social security contributions to be implemented in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic by the Joint Social Security Center (CCSS):

So that companies can better organise their cash flow and better manage the payment of their social security contributions, the CCSS will put in place the following temporary measures from 1 April 2020 until the CCSS board determine that they no longer have reason to be applied:

  • Suspension of the calculation of default interest for late payment of contributions;
  • Suspension of the implementation of procedures for the forced collection of contributions;
  • Suspension of the execution of constraints by bailiff;
  • Suspension of fines to be pronounced against employers who are late in making declarations to the CCSS.

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_Questions that arise for individuals:

  • Leave for extraordinary family reasons (COVID-19) in the context of private households, can be taken by the parent of a child if there are no other options for childcare. However, this cannot be combined with other measures allowing the parent(s) to stay at their home. If one of the parents benefits from partial unemployment, the second parent cannot benefit from the leave for extraordinary family reasons, especially if it is a critical job.

    The National Health Fund (CNS) aims to ensure the continuity of its services. Leave for family reasons linked to COVID-19 will be extended until the end of the suspension of the activities of the schools and childcare facilities, currently scheduled for 19 April 2020, including during the Easter holidays. All requests already submitted remain valid. The new dates must be communicated to employers as soon as possible.
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  • In order to take into account the latest measures taken in the fight against COVID-19, in particular in public health, a new act will be introduced for the function of  general practitioner  and  certain specialist doctors to be performed remotely by teleconsultation, including for the establishment of medical prescriptions or declarations of incapacity for work. This will exclude dentists.
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  • Since postal services are not fully-functioning, the insured have the possibility of sending their certificate of incapacity for work by email to the following address:
  • The provisions of partial unemployment do not apply to domestic help in private households, according to our knowledge, but we suggest that you consult the web pages of the Agency for the Development of Employment (ADEM).
  • The CCSS does not reimburse or compensate for the absence of a domestic help in private households.
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