Article Post on 10 April 2020

CSSF Communication: Launch of a Weekly Questionnaire to Investment Fund Managers

_With the objective to continue ongoing supervision of the investment fund sector during the current period of market turbulence, the CSSF announced on 9 April the launch of a new weekly questionnaire to Investment Fund Managers (IFMs): updates on financial data and governance arrangements.

The objective of this questionnaire is to provide the CSSF with weekly updates on financial data (total net assets, subscriptions and redemptions) and an update on governance arrangements in relation to the activities performed by IFMs established in Luxembourg or in other European/non-European countries and managing at least one UCITS, AIF and/or any other UCI (not qualifying as AIF) in view of the specific circumstances and risks to which these companies are exposed to during the current period of market turbulence.

The collected information (on an aggregated basis) also serves the CSSF for the discussions at European and International level with other authorities and with market players to identify issues at an early stage and to assist with the resolution of these.

The CSSF asks for your cooperation to provide the questionnaire on a weekly basis by Wednesday close of business (COB) at the latest. Further details on the questionnaire, the related scope of application and additional explanations assisting the IFMs in filling in the questionnaire are outlined in the dedicated section of the CSSF eDesk portal homepage:

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