Article Post on 26 March 2020

COVID-19 Luxembourg Economic Stabilisation Programme

_The Luxembourg government economic support package has gone online in English. It includes 4 objectives and 8 new measures.


  • Meeting short-term liquidity needs
  • Helping to cope with cash-flow difficulties
  • Facilitate corporate lending through state-backed guarantees
  • Job retention

New measures:

  • Non-repayable grants
  • Capital grant advances
  • Moratorium on loan repayments offered by certain banks
  • State-backed guarantee facility for new bank loans to SMEs and large corporates up to a maximum of 6 years
  • Relaxation of repayment conditions for SNCI loans and credit
  • “SME Guarantees*” in cooperation with banks active in corporate financing
  • Financing over a 5 year period to the “Mutualité des PME” and the “Mutualité de cautionnement
  • “Special Anti-Crisis Financing” via companies’ banks and SNCI


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