06 Sep.

Women's Lunch Meetup - Employee Assessment: a Subtle Mix of Law and Employees/Employers Engagement


69 boulevard de la Pétrusse
L-2320 Luxembourg

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_Within the framework of the "Wildgen 4 women" initiative, Partner Jackye Elombo is delighted to invite you to the Women's Lunch Meetup "Employee Assessment: a Subtle Mix of Law and Employees/Employers Engagement" to be held on Thursday 06 September. 

A lot of things can be said or observed during the employee assessment process and reappear at any time in employment disputes. When conducting employee assessments, you have to be as objective and transparent as possible with your employees to avoid legal risks and keep employees motivated and loyal to your company. 

During this seminar, Jackye Elombo, Employment Law Partner, proposes to give a general overview of the topic and discuss employee assessment processes from a legal perspective as well as the issues you may have to face:

  • Definition of performance and professional efficiency,
  • Definition of under-performance and professional deficiency,
  • Qualification of performance from HR and legal perspectives.

This presentation is complementary to the Paperjam club workshop "How to Reduce the Legal Risks of Performance Reviews" that will be held by Jackye Elombo on 26 September 2018. This presentation will provide you with a general overview of the topic, while the Paperjam club workshop will include theorical notions, best practices and practical case studies based on true stories.


This seminar is reserved for an exclusively female audience and dedicated to Human Resources Managers and Directors.

Registration via the form on this page. RSVP before 31 August.


Participation in this event is free of charge but subject to a no-show policy. Any person who registered but not attending the event, without having notified Wildgen within a reasonable time (2 working days), will be charged 20 EUR.  A reminder of the registration including all practical details will be sent 2 days before the event.

Number of seats is limited to 15. In order to allow as many companies as possible to participate, this event is restricted to one person per company. 

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