17 Jan.

Luxembourg - Turkey: Bringing Players Together (3rd Event)

_Wildgen and Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) are pleased to invite you to the 3rd breakfast event “Luxembourg - Turkey: Bringing Players Together” to be held at Wildgen premises from 09.00a.m. to 11.00a.m.

Indeed, Luxembourg has a long tradition in working with clients from Turkey. Luxembourg and Turkey offers excellent opportunities for foreign investors to use Luxembourg for routing their investments in Turkey and equally for Turkish investors to use Luxembourg as a platform for their European investments.

From a corporate, tax and financial point of view, either for investments in Turkey or from Turkey, we personally believe that Luxembourg is indeed the gateway to the Turkish market.

Wildgen and Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) are thus pleased to bring the players together and discuss up-to-date options.



Mevlüde-Aysun Tokbag, Partner

Okan Yalçin, Wealth Management
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

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