26 Sep.

How to Reduce the Legal Risks of Performance Reviews


28 rue de Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg

_Serious risks can arise as a result of conducting employee performance evaluations and reviews often become crucial in employment disputes. By making the evaluation process as objective and transparent as possible, employers reduce the legal risks and still provide helpful feedback for employees.

During this Paperjam club workshop, Jackye Elombo, Partner, will discuss performance review processes and how employee performance works from a employment law perspective:

  • Definition of performance and professional efficiency,
  • Definition of under-performance and professional deficiency,
  • Qualification of performance from HR and legal perspectives.

While the first part of the workshop will focus on theoritical notions, the second part will be dedicated to best practices and practical case studies based on true stories...




  • Understand the importance of being able to accurately assess your employees from a legal perspective;
  • Understand how labour law and courts interpret performance notions;
  • Be aware on how employee reviews work in an evidentiary context or in establishing the evidence of non-performance;
  • Define action plans.

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