13 Nov.

Certificate in Luxembourg Company Secretarial and Governance Practice organised by the ILA

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_On Tuesday 13 November 2018, Lionel Bonifazzi, Partner, and Delia Nitescu, Director, took part as speakers in the second session of the Module 7 of the Certificate in Luxembourg Company Secretarial and Governance Practice. This module, organised by ILA (Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs) focused on the "Contract Law Fundamentals for Company Secretaries".

A dozen people attended this 8-hour course which aimed to facilitate the understanding of the contract law in a business environment. Accordingly, it covered the crucial ingredients required for the setting up a good contract, and provided tips for understanding the contractual material aspects. It also scrutinised what happens when things go wrong, including offering options when assessing damages and remedies for breach. Finally, the main features of contracts entered into by regulated entities and listed companies have been overviewed.



Part 1

  • Contractual freedom
  • Formation of contracts
  • Terms and conditions of contracts
  • Rights and obligations of the parties
  • Termination of contracts
  • Regulated entities and listed companies’ obligations overview

Part 2

  • Case study: Shareholders’ agreement
  • Case study: Share purchase agreement
  • Case study: Loan agreement
  • Case study: Other contracts and commitments (e.g., engagement letters or confidentiality agreements)

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