20 Jun.

Brexit: Legal and Tax Consequences for Companies


28, Rue de Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg

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_23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU, which triggered a series of economic and political consequences for both the UK and the rest of the EU. Two years after this historic decision, this workshop aims to consider the wide-ranging impacts of Brexit on Luxembourg companies, from a legal and tax perspective, and assess the challenges which have emerged for businesses.

David Maria (Partner), Mark Shaw (Partner and English solicitor) and Catherine Cathiard (Director) are happy to attend this Paperjam Business Club event as speakers.

Based on examples and practical cases and led by an English solicitor and a Luxembourg lawyer, this conference will allow entrepreneurs to identify which actions should be taken and will address the following topics through in-depth discussions:

  • Context to Brexit and state of play,
  • Future of European legal entities,
  • Rights of establishment for companies,
  • European passporting, financial markets and delegation,
  • Insolvency law,
  • Corporate groups taxation.


  • Understand the legal and tax consequences of Brexit in Luxembourg;
  • Determine how Brexit may impact your company;
  • Define your action plan.

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