11 Apr.

9th Annual Swiss Private Equity Conference


The Dolder Grant
Kurhausstrasse 65
8032 Zürich

_Partner Mevlüde-Aysun Tokbag, who has sound experience in the field of Private Equity is delighted to take part, as a speaker, in the 9th Annual Swiss Private Equity Conference organised by Private Equity Insights in Zurich.

This conference will bring together more than 260 delegates of the leading investors and funds in the world. Speakers will discuss cutting-edge legal topics, including: 

  • Swiss Private Equity Outlook: Finding the Best Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty,
  • GP Fundraising: The Best Practices in Fundraising,
  • Environmental Challenges, an Investment Opportunity,
  • Early Stage Investments: VC & Growth,
  • Sector Discussion: Small & Mid Cap,
  • LPs Focus: Direct & Co-Investing,
  • Creating Value: Generating Superior Returns through Operational Excellence & Buy-and-Build Strategy,
  • Board Engagement: Generating Superior Returns through Board Engagement,
  • Exits: Achieving the Highest Exit Multiple in Switzerland.

Mevlüde-Aysun Tokbag will speak about "Ireland & Luxembourg: Choosing the best fund domicile in post-Brexit World".

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