02 Sep.
06 Sep.

72th IFA Annual Congress in Seoul


Coex exhibition and convention center

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_David Maria, Partner and Head of the Wildgen’s Tax practice group, will attend the 72th Congress of the International Fiscal Association (IFA), to be held in Seoul from 02 to 06 September 2018.

This Congress will be the opportunity to introduce the Korean taxation. The two subjects selected by the Scientific Committee for the IFA 2018 will be:

  • Seeking anti-avoidance measures of general nature and scope - GAAR and other rules,
  • Withholding tax in the era of BEPS, CIVs and digital economy.

Several seminars will be organised, such as:

  • Effectiveness of anti-tax avoidance mechanisms (including limitation of benefits),
  • Alternatives to resolving tax disputes - evolving experience and possible developments,
  • Limits of tax jurisdiction - non-traditional "business presence",
  • Recent trends in the taxation of corporate distributions,
  • Tax incentives to attract foreign direct investments without eroding the tax base,
  • Recent developments in international taxation,
  • Recent international VAT/GST issues from the perspective of basic, principles included in the OECD’s international VAT/GST guidelines.

Don't miss this occasion to meet David Maria! He would be glad to give you a small outlook about the Tax updates in Luxembourg!

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