Our law firm has always had a strong interest in art, possessing an impressive collection of contemporary art, organising regular art exhibitions and supporting young artists. It is also one of the few Luxembourg law firms to include a dedicated team of lawyers who specialise in art law and assist high-net-worth individuals on their investment strategy, assets protection and set-up of art funds.

In this framework, in 2015, we decided to launch, with other founding members, the Luxembourg Art Law and Art & Finance Association (LAFA).

Luxembourg has always had a leadership role in the design and execution of innovative financial solutions for discerning clients. With LAFA, Luxembourg now aims at taking a leadership role in the development and promotion of legal and financial solutions to issues related to art collecting and management. The association has been created to bring together the Art, Art Law and Art Finance key players such as – but not limited to – artists, art galleries, art experts and dealers, conservators, museum curators, restorers as well as insurance companies, bankers, family offices, lawyers, fiduciaries, editorial houses,…

LAFA’s main objectives are to propose and support legislative improvements in its field of activity; to position and promote Luxembourg as the art law and finance competence center in Europe; to assist in developing best practices within the art industry based on high professional standards, to enhance the industry’s transparency and promote a compliant way of doing business under appropriate governance rules; to develop specific research programmes within the art industry and to attract international companies to Luxembourg in particular those within the ArtFin and ArtTech space.

Further information on LAFA can be found on its website: www.lafa.lu

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Dr. Eric Perru, Partner

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