The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented both in terms of its immediate and prolonged economic effects, and the organisational disruption it has caused to businesses, which now threatens their ability to respond effectively. 

_Wildgen is here for you

During this challenging time, our multi-disciplinary teams help you navigate this period of global uncertainty and remain fully reachable, ready and able to assist you. 

 COVID-19 Task Force and Email Helpline 
Wildgen’s lawyers, representing diverse practice areas and industries, have teamed up to form an internal COVID-19 Task Force. They continue to monitor the evolving situation and its implications and are committed to assisting you to handle the legal, tax and regulatory issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
An email helpline has been implemented in order to answer your questions. 
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Read EP11 - COVID-19: Where Are We Now? Legal & Regulatory Update (Read the article)

15/07/2020 English
Read EP10 - COVID-19: Recommendations of the European Systemic Risk Board (Read the article)

09/06/2020 English
Read EP9 - COVID-19: Focus on Market Abuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Read the article)

22/05/2020 English


Read Company Groups in Times of Financial Distress: Luxembourg Manager Liability

18/05/2020 English
Read Company Groups in Times of Financial Distress: Introduction 

15/05/2020 English
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07/05/2020 English

EP7 - COVID-19: Legal & Regulatory Risks Around the Use of Virtual Conferences (read the article)

28/04/2020 English

EP6 - COVID-19: CSSF Circular 20/740 on the Financial Crime, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (read the article)

20/04/2020 English

EP5 - COVID-19: Issues Associated with BCP Remote Working (Read the article)

07/04/2020 English
Read EP4 - COVID-19: Temporary Changes to Luxembourg Company and Tax Law (Read the article)
02/04/2020 English
Read EP3 - COVID-19: Legal & Regulatory Developments Coming from ESMA
(Part 2 of 2) 
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30/03/2020 English

EP2 - COVID-19: Legal & Regulatory Developments Coming from ESMA
(Part 1 of 2) (
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27/03/2020 English

EP1 - COVID-19: Legal & Regulatory Developments (Read the article)

26/03/2020 English
 Banking & Finance  [UPDATED: 22/06/2020]    
     _Key Contacts: Michel Bulach, Mevlüde-Aysun Tokbag
Read Requested Measures from the CSSF to Supervised Entities in the Light of the Return to Working On-site 22/06/2020 English
Read The Latest CSSF Communications to Regulated Entities Falling under its Supervision Regarding COVID-19 19/06/2020 English
Read The CSSF Released Recommendations to Supervised Entities on Telework and a Possible Return to the Office 14/05/2020 English
Read AML/CFT Supervision in the Collective Investment Sector during the COVID-19 Situation 06/05/2020 English
Read Adoption of the Guidelines of the EBA on Moratoria on Loan Repayments 04/05/2020 English
Read Der COVID-19 (das „Coronavirus“) und Luxemburg: Ein kleiner Einblick, Teil 2 24/04/2020 German
Read COVID-19 Luxembourg State Guarantee Scheme 20/04/2020 English
Read Luxembourg Commercial Banks Moratorium 20/04/2020 English
Read Circular CSSF 20/740 Related to Finance Crime and AML/CFT Implications during the COVID-19 Pandemic 20/04/2020 English
Read COVID-19 Luxembourg Economic Stabilisation Programme 26/03/2020 English
Read ​ESMA and the EBA Issue Guidance on Accounting Implications of COVID-19 25/03/2020 English
Read Der COVID-19 (Coronavirus) und Luxemburg: Ein kleiner Einblick, Teil 1 24/03/2020 German
Read ESMA Clarification of Issues Related to the Application of MiFID II Requirements on the Recording of Telephone Conversations in the Wake of COVID-19 23/03/2020 English
Read Supervised Entities: IT Security Conditions Recommended by CSSF for Remote Access 19/03/2020 English
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 Corporate Law  [UPDATED: 08/07/2020]    
    _Key Contacts: François Brouxel, Isabelle Charlier
Read ​​​​The Rules Governing the Organisation of Shareholders’, Board of Directors, or Other Supervisory and Management Body Meetings in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic 08/07/2020 English
Read Approval, Filing and Publication of Annual Accounts: Extension of Deadlines 17/06/2020 English
Read Mise en place d’une nouvelle aide d’urgence à destination des travailleurs indépendants 07/05/2020 French
Read Der COVID-19 (das „Coronavirus“) und Luxemburg: Ein kleiner Einblick, Teil 2 24/04/2020 German
Read La responsabilité des dirigeants de sociétés au Luxembourg dans le contexte de l’épidémie du virus COVID-19 16/04/2020 French
Read Summary of the Luxembourg Aid Scheme Implemented to Help Certain Businesses Facing a Financial Hit Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 14/04/2020 English
Read Emergency Indemnities of EUR 2,500 for the Self-employed​ 09/04/2020 English
Read COVID-19 Luxembourg Economic Stabilisation Programme 26/03/2020 English
Read Additional 4 Months for Companies to File Their 2019 Accounts 19/03/2020 English
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 Dispute Resolution & Litigation
    _Key Contact: Karine Vilret
 Employment   [UPDATED: 03/06/2020]      
    _Key Contact: Muriel Piquard
 IP/TMT - Data Protection    
    _Key Contacts: David Maria, Mevlüde-Aysun Tokbag, Karine Vilret
 Insurance & Reinsurance  
    _Key Contact: Karine Vilret, Michel Bulach
Read Frequently Asked Questions in Insurance Matters:
Assicurazioni nel Granducato di Lussemburgo
-- Assurance au Grand-duché de Luxembourg
-- Assurance-Sektor zu Lëtzebuerg 
-- Insurance in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
-- Versicherungen im Großherzogtum Luxemburg



Read Continuité du secteur assurantiel et crise du COVID-19: Prises de position de l’EIOPA
>> This article also exists in English, Luxembourgish and Italian
06/04/2020 FrenchEnglishItalian
Read Adaptation by the Commissariat aux Assurances of the submission of the reporting in accordance with the EIOPA’s recommendations
>> This article also exists in French
30/03/2020 EnglishFrench
Read IVASS : premières mesures pour les acteurs du marché de l'assurance et extension des délais suite aux recommandations de l'AEAPP
>> This article also exists in Italian
26/03/2020 FrenchItalian
Read Government Social Measures in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic 
 >> This article also exists in French, Italian and Luxembourgish
23/03/2020 EnglishFrenchLuxembourguish
Read New Regulatory Constraints Impact Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
 >> This article also exists in French, Italian and Luxembourgish
23/03/2020 EnglishFrenchLuxembourguish
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Investment Funds    
    _Key Contacts: Samia Rabia, Mevlüde-Aysun Tokbag, Mark Shaw
    _Key Contacts: David Maria, Lionel Bonifazzi


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