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16 January 2015
During the second half-year of 2014, no less than five entities of the Luxembourg holding structure of the family...
14 January 2015
Law of 25 November 2014 on the procedure applicable to the exchange of tax information upon request   The law applies...
5 January 2015
Instead of abolishing bearer shares as already done or planed to be done by some neighboring countries, the Luxembourg...
30 December 2014
Latest updates: - 30 December 2014. Protocol regarding taxation of pension income with Denmark is in force as of 28...
29 December 2014
For the end of the year, Wildgen organised a toy drive and raised funds for associations working for the well-being and...
22 December 2014
Plutôt que d’abolir les titres au porteur comme l’ont déjà fait ou prévoient de le faire certains pays limitrophes1, le...

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Berlinale Emmanuelle Ragot
9 February 2015
Emmanuelle Ragot, IP/TMT Partner at Wildgen, attends the Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival) 2015 edition on 09 February 2015. With years of experience in the film industry,...

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Reform of the Bearer Shares Regime
5 January 2015
Reform of the Bearer Shares Regime in Luxembourg
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12 September 2014
Investment Funds in Luxembourg
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