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19 December 2014
Within the framework of the Wildgen for Children project, we asked our children to draw their dream world. We invite...
26 November 2014
Latest updates: - 26 November 2014. Protocol on exchange of information with Italy is in force as of 25 October 2014...
25 November 2014
On 23 July 2014, Directive 2014/92/EU1 (the “Payment Accounts Directive”) has been adopted with the aim to improve...
19 November 2014
Audiovisual in luxembourg: A young but dynamic sector... Luxembourg’s audiovisual environment was formerly mainly...
18 November 2014
Watch the « Wildgen for Children » movie and put a smile on a kid’s face. Be part of the action: Give! Regardez le clip...
11 November 2014
We have the pleasure to announce that Wildgen has officially launched Wildgen for Children, a Toy Drive and Fundraising...

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12 September 2014
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6 June 2014
Wildgen is Fund of you. Let us show how much.
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