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10 February 2017
Qu’est-ce que la “chaine de blocs” ou Blockchain ? La Blockchain peut se définir comme une technologie de...
26 January 2017
List of double tax treaties in force and in negotiation as of 26 january 2017. Situated at the crossroad of Europe,...
24 January 2017
On 27 December 2016, the country-by-country reporting (‘CBCR’) law (the ‘CBCR Law’) has been published, together with...
24 January 2017
Reduction of the corporate income tax rate Since 1 January 2017, the overall corporate income tax rate of Luxembourg...
24 January 2017
Catherine Cathiard, Director at Wildgen, has assisted Saturne Technology, a company specialised in laser cutting and...
24 January 2017
The law of 23 December 2016 on the budget 2017(1) introduced into the Luxembourg income tax law dated 4 December 1967 (...

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Colloque brexit
16 March 2017
Le 16 mars prochain, Me. Catherine Cathiard, Directeur, spécialiste du droit des sociétés, interviendra en qualité d'orateur au colloque "Brexit : conséquences juridiques et fiscales"...

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15 February 2017
SOPARFI, the Luxembourg Tax Regime of Financial Participations Companies
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Wildgen is Fund of you. Let us show how much.
14 November 2016
Wildgen is Fund of you. Let us show how much.